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I’m Rick Priddis. I want to tell you about Priddis Music. I started Priddis Music almost 30 years ago, when the only accompaniment option available to most singers was finding a friend who could play the piano.  I dreamed of singing with my own live band, but I soon discovered that pulling a band together and dragging them around town was not always practical.   So I looked to the music stores for something else to use.   All I found was sheet music.

In 1984 I decided to do something about it.  I pooled my resources and went into the recording studio to make my own accompaniment tracks.  It went well enough that I started selling my tracks to music teachers and local music stores.  Soon after I got started, along came the karaoke craze.  Although karaoke wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, it proved very helpful in getting the message out there, that anyone could sing with their own band.  As the popularity of karaoke grew, it became evident that there were two types of “karaoke” products; cheap karaoke music for lots of laughs, and professional performance music for serious singers.  Professional performance tracks is more what I had in mind.  That’s what set us apart from the crowd, and led to our success.


ProSound Label

ProSound – Performance Music for Singers, became the record label for my recordings.  We sold them on cassette tape in the early days, through national record store chains, musical instrument dealers, big box chains, christian bookstores, and more.  As we moved into CDs and DVDs our sales went international.  We now offer our recordings exclusively through download sites.

Almost thirty years later and some 3,000+ songs after my first recording, I have opened the doors to our recording studio and facilities, so you can benefit from our experience.  We call our studio “The Castle”  (because it looks like a castle inside).  It’s a fun place to record.  Whatever your music goals, we’ll do our best to help you reach them. Check out www.SingProSound.com!

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